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Clinical Management

Clinical Management

In respect to physiotherapy & clinical management the patient can expect the injury management to include:

  1. A thorough clinical and biomechanical assessment.
  2. An explanation as to the most likely cause for the current condition and available treatment options.
  3. Provide treatment by postural education, application of manual therapy (including spinal manipulation if indicated), exercise prescription and also if indicated the application of physiotherapeutic modalities).
  4. Monitoring of improvement with symptom change as well as quantitative measures.
  5. The focus of the management is toward a transition to effective self-management with minimal practitioner involvement.

Treatment philosophies:

  1. Treat the patient like they were one of your family.
  2. Do not provide any treatment that you would not apply to yourself.
  3. Do not provide treatment if there is a high probability that it will not provide benefit.
  4. Do not continue treatment is there is no sustained benefit.
  5. Guide and empower the patient to improve and change and to self-manage their problem.
  6. Provide strategies to avoid recurrence.